Friday, October 23, 2009

Missed Scrapbooking

I didn't scrapbook much for the last month and this is what I was doing. We hired a guy to sheetrock and texture the craft room and hubby replced the water softener. Now I'm waiting on hubby to build a closet around the water softener and then finish the wall with storage, instead of the metal rack. Then we can put carpet on the floor. I went on a head and put most of the crafting stuff in the room so I could use the garage again.

My second project which was not planned to happen at the same time was to paint my sons room. We decided to do a camoflauge theme. I love the way his room turned out. A friend of our is suppose to give us some campflauge mesh which we are going to hang across the ceiling and then his room is done.

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  1. This is SO cool--it looks too perfect to be paint! One LUCKY boy!